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Karen Weir: Runner, Triathlete, Personal Trainer, Ironman and now your Running Coach

I specialise in working with people like you; the club or recreational runner wanting to run longer or faster, come back from injury or take on new challenges. And if you’re new to running I can help you get started in a safe and sustainable manner that ensures you’re set up for a long and healthy running career.

I began my running journey in 2002 when I worked as a management consultant in London, and my experiences and passion for running have shaped the services I am offering today. I know what it is like to be a beginner or to have to fit your training around a busy career. I understand what it feels like to plateau and the frustrations from feeling like you are no longer improving or forever injured. Consistency, patience and laying strong foundations through structured training and conditioning your body for the task ahead are key to you loving your running and achieving your goals. As your coach I can help you achieve that and on those days when a lazy moment on the sofa might be more appealing I can give you that nudge that gets you out the door. However, I can also be that sensible voice that tells you to actually take a break when you know you need some rest but you’re craving the endorphin rush from another tough training session.

I have run marathons, ultra marathons and many more shorter distance races. I’ve honed my own training programme, nutrition, running technique and mental strategies to consistently improve my own PBs and I can bring this experience to your training whether your focus is 5km, 10km, marathon or beyond! My endurance CV includes events such as Ironman (3 times), the Comrades marathon (54 hilly miles from Durban to Pietermaritzburg in South Africa) and the Jurassic Coast Challenge – a multi-stage event consisting of 3 marathons (ish) in 3 days along the beautiful but brutal South West Coast Path. On a bike I have completed the 9 day Ride Across Britain (Lands End to John O’Groats) as well as a Pyrenean Traverse and RAID Alpine. Sometimes when I look back to where I started from I can’t quite believe how far I’ve come – and it will be the same for you.

As a passionate runner and triathlete who decided to make her passion her career, I would like to help you achieve your endurance ambitions and reach your full athletic potential. I am a qualified coach with UK Athletics and the British Triathlon Federation in addition to being a Personal Trainer. These qualifications, my continuing professional development and my desire to continually improve my own running ensure I not only practice what I preach but am able to share tried and tested techniques and advice.

In 2016 I moved to the Hope Valley in the stunning Peak District. It has been a long held goal to live and work in such an inspiring place. Running and cycling opportunities are everywhere and there are plenty of new challenges on my doorstep. Although I am building my business here, including hosting running weekends, I still commute down to South West London on a regular basis to coach group sessions and meet with London based clients. So I get the best of both worlds. Living the dream!