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Rory Murphy – I am a sub 4 hour marathon runner!

It was late 2011 and I was fed up with running. I started running seriously in 2009 and quickly progressed from 5k to 10k to half marathon, and ran some reasonable times. I then stalled, and went backwards for 2 years. I wasn't getting any faster - in fact I was considerably slower, and I wasn't enjoying my running. Enter Karen Weir. I met Karen in summer 2011 when a running group at work invited her in for some (informative and very helpful) seminars on running, so when I decided over the winter that I needed a more structured approach to [...]

Simon Burrell – First Ironman!

I have been "running with Karen" for some time including three seasons as a 1-2-1 triathlon coach, with remarkable results! As a recreational runner for several years, I lost some weight, learnt to swim and moved through duathlon and into triathlon. I still run but now focus on multi-sport during the summer season and cross country and endurance running in the winter. Working with Karen has moved me onto a new level of performance and achievement. Whilst previously content with having a go, I am now a little more focused on competing. I'm probably not going to win anything outright, [...]

Karen Rees – Learned to Love Running

I was fit, but I didn’t run. Fit people run don’t they? So I tried running. My Achilles decided to tell me it thought this was a bad idea. After ongoing problems several months later I decided it was time to get some advice. I first discovered Karen Weir as @runwithkaren on Twitter. We arranged to meet for her to look at my technique in Richmond Park. In the meantime, I sent Karen an email with a long list of questions I had about running. Karen had me running back and forth at different speeds, so that she could assess [...]

Chris Oddy – sub 2.40 marathon target smashed – and a 2.35 PB in 2015!

At the beginning of 2014 I contacted Karen for her running expertise to help me break my target time of 2hrs 40 in the London Marathon (previous PB 2hrs 48 mins). Karen had 12 weeks to work her magic and quickly provided me with the best and most tailored training plan I have ever worked to. Not only was the training plan manageable around a full time job, it also encouraged rest days, something I hadn’t ever considered! Above all Karen’s training plan, her track sessions on Wednesdays, and her constant words of encouragement proved highly motivating. Within 12 weeks of working [...]

Georgina Burnett – Brighton Maraton PB

When I asked Karen for a marathon training plan, I didn't give her an easy job as I was travelling a lot and going on holiday 3 weeks before the event, but she gave me a plan that really worked for me and encouraged me to train even through the difficult times. Her support along the way was like gold to me, and I am convinced I would not have achieved the time I did without her help. I managed to complete the marathon, injury free, in 3 hours 45 minutes (5 minutes faster than I was hoping for and [...]

Martin Gouray – My First London Marathon

Most of my running has been over shorter distances, but having finally obtained an entry into the Virgin London Marathon, I decided that I would like some help with my training. I had seen Karen’s name mentioned regularly on the social networking sites last year so I looked at her website, liked what I saw, and a phone call later I was a happy runner. Karen sent me my 16 week training schedule and the one thing I noticed straight away, in comparison to other schedules that I had seen was that she had allowed for the amount of walking I [...]

Ian Wilson – First Time Marathon Runner

Crossing the finish line at the 2012 Brighton marathon for my first marathon was exhilarating! I am fairly new to running and after signing up for Brighton I knew I needed help so I got in touch with Karen. In my first training session she examined my running and then gave me some new techniques which were really simple to implement but transformed how I ran. From there Karen put together a structured 16 week training programme. It was tough (it was a marathon after all) but effective. Week on week you could feel yourself getting there, which really helped [...]

Jen Young – My First 10km

A year ago I could not run at all and grumbled a lot about a few steps on the treadmill. I now run 3 times a week in the beautiful London Royal parks, can run 10km in under an hour, have a Personal Best, talk about 9.5 minute miles and own a fine collection of running wear. I owe this transformation to Karen. Her focus, professionalism, and expertise inspired the discipline and mental application in me to reach a level of fitness and competence that means running has become a natural activity in my life. Karen's depth of experience meant [...]

Jenni Falconer – New Marathon PB

I have been training with Karen since January 2010. The initial challenge she had was to help me achieve my dream of setting a new London Marathon PB. With the wealth of her own personal triathalon and marathon experiences, she is more than well-equipped to help! After devising a fantastic 16week programme, advising me throughout and encouaging me to focus on a sensible yet realistic training plan, I did indeed manage to set a PB. Amazingly, I reduced my time by almost 25 minutes! I have set Karen the same challenge for the marathon in 2012 and already I'm looking [...]

Sophie Raworth

I began working with Sophie in the build up to the Virgin London Marathon in 2011. The signs were good, Sophie was sticking to the training and all her preparation races were spot on target times. So a sub-4 hour marathon at London was on the cards. However, what we hadn't quite planned for was the balmy temperatures that greeted us on race morning. Sophie started her marathon feeling positive, sticking to her pacing and nutrition strategy and went through 22 miles in 3 hours 25, so it was all looking good. However at 23 miles it all then went [...]