Run with Karen Technique Workshop and Yoga for Runners with Yogashooli

p794614954-3Running is a skill that can be learnt. Yes, as a child we learn to run naturally but as we grow and get older our lifestyle, careers and health change and impact the way we run. Although fundamentally our biomechanics are determined by genetics our individual strengths, weaknesses and lifestyle choices lead to imbalances and loss of running efficiency. Find out how you can make your running style more efficient, improve your overall running economy and reduce the risk of injury.

During this workshop we will be looking at running technique from a performance perspective, i.e. make you run faster so some interval training will be included. But don’t worry, after the energetic part, Veronika from Yogashooli ( will take you through a specific yoga for runners practice to help you recover.

veronika yogaNext Workshop:

Saturday 27th September, 9.30-12.30

Richmond Green United Reformed Church Hall, TW9 1DH

COST: £35

For more information or to book your place contact me.