As a keen life long runner, and personal trainer I’ve always written my own training programmes. But, when I started training for a 70 mile, 2 day charity run I quickly realised that I was out of my depth so approached Karen about being coached. Karen wasn’t phased at all and I can safely say since working with her I have trained much more sensibly and efficiently than I would have alone. Working with Karen has completely changed my mindset about training, I no longer run to splits, I run to how I feel. Because of this I have a much more enjoyable relationship with running and the results have been amazing. I completed my 70 mile run and loved every minute. Training was spot on and I’ve recovered really quickly with hardly any post event muscle damage.

I highly recommend you work with Karen, ESPECIALLY if you are new to running OR love running BUT have fallen out of love with training or aren’t getting the results you’re expecting. Not only is she knowledgeable, she is incredibly supportive and honest. Weekly chats on the phone kept me in check, accountable and helped us to modify training around an injury and auto immune illness that meant I needed to keep volume of training at a safe level so as not to overtrain. In my personal experience, it’s safe to say by working with Karen you’re in very safe, sensible and knowledgeable hands.