Colin Lochness20102I kind of messed about with running in my twenties, & then all of a sudden I was 44 and faced with the prospect of becoming a fat lunch animal. With a young family I decided to get back into running I trained hard and completed a couple of marathons including the inaugural Brighton I ran 3hrs 28 and was chuffed but had know idea if it was possible to improve from there. I then met Karen who took a really professional look at all aspects of running from form, technique nutrition, training methodology, recovery. I can honestly say I even understand what V02 Max & Thresholds are now. A year on my marathon time is down to 3.08 and we are working on the 3.00 barrier. As a 47 year old it’s great to still be trying to achieve sporting goals instead of just chatting about past glories down the pub. Could I have done it on my own? No! Karen translated the advice we all read about and put it into tangible and viable training sessions and programmes that work for me.

colin and karen 2Karen really is a very well qualified coach who loves what she does and is very good at communicating what she wants. If you are even just thinking about getting some coaching, do it Karen will be able to help you achieve your goals.

Update 2013 – Last year Colin finally did break his 3 hour target for the marathon and now I am helping him prepare for the Marathon des Sables.