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Group Training Sessions

Group training sessions give you a chance to run harder than perhaps you would on your own and give you the opportunity to meet and run with like-minded individuals. Work them into your training programme and they will help you to get faster. Strength and conditioning sessions will help you target those weaknesses that often lead to injury and condition the muscles so you can run with good form.  You’ll also learn mobility drills and how to properly stretch to ensure your body is able to cope with the stresses of running.

Please register in advance of any session so I know to expect you. Call, Email, Text or Tweet – please see contact page for details. If you have any questions or concerns whether these sessions are suitable for you please get in touch and we can can discuss further.

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Strength and Stretch Sessions

Each session has 4 distinct parts; we start with a warm up and then go into mobility drills to ensure the joints function appropriately. The main part of the session is the strength element and I focus on simple yet effective body weight exercises that allow you to develop strength and efficient muscle firing patterns. Finally we spend time stretching and getting length into muscles and connective tissues that are common limiters to good running form.

Next Sessions:

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Speed/Interval Sessions

A chance to do the hard session that you never do on your own. Each session is scalable for runners of all abiliy and pace so come and put some speed into your training. Includes a warm up and mobility, main interval session, cool down and stretching.

  • Dates and location TBC