Brighton brightonmarathonCrossing the finish line at the 2012 Brighton marathon for my first marathon was exhilarating! I am fairly new to running and after signing up for Brighton I knew I needed help so I got in touch with Karen. In my first training session she examined my running and then gave me some new techniques which were really simple to implement but transformed how I ran.

From there Karen put together a structured 16 week training programme. It was tough (it was a marathon after all) but effective. Week on week you could feel yourself getting there, which really helped me as a first time runner not knowing what to expect. Group guided runs were really good to catch up with other runners and swap notes and tales. Karen has the experience, enthusiasm (which tends to rub off on you), and you know that she wants you to do well.

I had a bit of an injury towards the end of the training, but I had the confidence that I’d put the ground work in. A quick final chat with Karen the night before, and on race day, it all came together, and was fantastic! Hence the finish-photo caption on my Twitter “This is what 4 months, 4 hours and 21 minutes feels like”!

If anyone is looking to do a marathon, I would definitely recommend having a chat with Karen.