P1000026A year ago I could not run at all and grumbled a lot about a few steps on the treadmill. I now run 3 times a week in the beautiful London Royal parks, can run 10km in under an hour, have a Personal Best, talk about 9.5 minute miles and own a fine collection of running wear. I owe this transformation to Karen. Her focus, professionalism, and expertise inspired the discipline and mental application in me to reach a level of fitness and competence that means running has become a natural activity in my life.

Karen’s depth of experience meant she didn’t just get me running, she taught me to be a strong, responsible and happy runner, maximising the rewards for the effort I put in. She guided me through a gently staged running schedule alongside a programme of whole body strength training and supplemented with academic sessions on anatomy, physiology and nutrition, essential warm up and stretching routines, efficient running techniques, minimising and managing injury and clothes, trainers and equipment that make running easier. She took the time to understand the sort of person I am, where my mental blocks were going to be and delivered it at a pace to suit my personality, ambition and capability.

This summer I embark on my next phase – building up to a half marathon and increasing pace. I look forward to Karen’s monthly Richmond Park runs and weekly Track Nights to boost and manage my progress.

Update: Jen did build up to a half marathon and in 2012 Jen ran her first marathon, completing the Virgin London Marathon in under 5 and a half hours. A great achievement!