vlmlogoMost of my running has been over shorter distances, but having finally obtained an entry into the Virgin London Marathon, I decided that I would like some help with my training. I had seen Karen’s name mentioned regularly on the social networking sites last year so I looked at her website, liked what I saw, and a phone call later I was a happy runner.

Karen sent me my 16 week training schedule and the one thing I noticed straight away, in comparison to other schedules that I had seen was that she had allowed for the amount of walking I do as a postman, something that an “online” schedule can’t do, so straight away having Karen advise me had already made a difference.

During a lengthy phone call to discuss what my aims were and setting goals for my training, it became obvious that I was having trouble with my pacing; this was something that was worked on successfully during my training and because of the advice given to me by Karen about being mentally disciplined during racing, I broke a 5 year old half marathon PB.
Karen’s schedule also had me doing sessions that I had never done before partly because I didn’t believe I needed to do them partly because I believed that I was too big physically to do them; doing this speed work resulted in me achieving results at 5 and 10k that I had never thought possible, let alone the benefit gained during my marathon training.

Just because she has sent you your schedule that isn’t the last you hear from Karen; her “RunWithKaren” e-mail updates were a source of encouragement especially during times when things might not have been going the way you had hoped they would; stick with the schedule Karen sends you, she has years of experience and knows what she’s talking about, after all that’s why you’re reading the testimonials from people like me, who did listen to her and look what I did; she CAN make a difference to you too!!!

I finished the Virgin London Marathon in 4hrs 54m and I have no doubt without Karen’s help its unlikely I would have broken 5 hours; as Karen said “you are now a MARATHON runner and that’s something to be PROUD OF”
I am PROUD to say I was trained by Karen Weir and would recommend runners of ALL abilities to “Run with Karen”