SB Roth Bike Pic Resized SB Roth Run Pic ResizedI have been “running with Karen” for some time including three seasons as a 1-2-1 triathlon coach, with remarkable results!

As a recreational runner for several years, I lost some weight, learnt to swim and moved through duathlon and into triathlon. I still run but now focus on multi-sport during the summer season and cross country and endurance running in the winter.

Working with Karen has moved me onto a new level of performance and achievement. Whilst previously content with having a go, I am now a little more focused on competing. I’m probably not going to win anything outright, but becoming the best I can be is a hugely rewarding process and this season has seen a significant goal achieved, completing my first full iron distance triathlon. It was brutal, but easily my most satisfying sporting achievement.

What Karen has helped me to do is to focus on those aspects of training that matter most in achieving my goals. I now have a well-structured plan which categorises races and includes tapers, rest periods and carefully balanced training. My weekly training time has increased, but with smart options rather than empty miles and I feel that every training session counts.

Karen is an exceptional coach and she has been there and done it all before me – I still marvel at 3:45 marathon at the end of an Ironman! She can give me very practical advice about distance running and both short and long course multi-sport. My achievements and my enjoyment of training and racing have increased dramatically since I started working with Karen on a more individual level and next season will most certainly be my best yet!